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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now we have not yet seen the effects of this latest vice presidential debate on the polls. we probably will pretty soon. we've seen the effect of the last presidential debate between president obama and mitt romney, and overall they were not good. you know what, if you look at
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some of the polls, they're also not as bad as people think they are. post-debate you see virginia where president obama had a small but not insignificant lead before, now he's down by one. but in florida pre-debate he was 47-46 ahead. and post-debate he's still ahead. and ohio, 41-43. but post-debate 51-45. still a pretty damn large lead. he can build on that lead if he's aggressive in the next debate. i don't know if he needs to be as aggressive as joe biden was last night but aggression helps obviously in the first go around he was not. he was talking to diane sawyer. we'll see if he learned a lesson. there was hemming and hawing last time. and mitt romney talking about how he's not going to push for
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any abortion legislation. is that a lie? now watch president obama's reaction. >> is it a lie. >> no, i actually think his position on--when it comes to women's rights to control their own healthcare decisions what he has been say something exactly what he believes. he thinks that it is appropriate for politicians to inject themselves in those decisions. >> cenk: let's come out a little clearer. let's come out a little stronger. i don't know if president obama can get himself from stopping this habit of pausing before every half sentence, and seeing it through. it's okay. you got your position. go out and say it. that's my opinion. let's bring michael shure back. he's in san francisco. any chance that president obama looked at biden debate and thought maybe i should go more in that direction? >> yeah, i think there is a big chance. i think he'll spend more time looking at the obama debate
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rather than the biden debate. he has to improve what he did. he'll never been joe biden. that's why he named joe biden to be his running mate, someone who can go out in the trenches and hit it harder than he can. stylistically, i think you're right. even in the state state of the union address he, um,s and haws, and that makes him sound more scattered than he really is. but he's not going to be joe biden. one of the dangers joe biden doing really well is do you have the expectation of the president to do that? that's not what you're going to get from him. you'll probably get more substance, and a cogent argument that you didn't get last time. that's what he'll learn from whatwhat biden did. >> cenk: while covering this last night on current when you do the micro look at how people react on the spot.
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when president obama was soft during the debate people reacted positively in the short term. by soft, agreeing with the republicans, etc. when he was hard, he said, you know, what he is he says his position on tax over the last 18 months is now never mind. that polled badly in the instant polling with cnn. but when jesse ventura went into the debate in minnesota. he just body slammed everyone. he went from nearly non-existent in the polls to winning the governorship. i think whatever people say on the spot there is some chance of things like joe biden bringing a lead pipe last night and saying, i don't know what i thought about him on that day but i'm going to vote for that guy instead of the other guy. >> there is wisdom in what you're saying. barack obama is not going to be jesse ventura or joe biden. but he can call out the lies,
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and push them on specifics where they have none. mitt romney has come with very few specifics as you know and highlighted. i think if the president can do that in a tough way without being lead pipe ventura or joe biden, i think there is something to what you're saying. the president needs to see all the things he didn't come with last time and bring that next time. >> cenk: the president is very competitive. that's a great thing in this arena. he talked about that with diane sawyer too. list watch that clip. >> i played a lot of sports when i was a kid and still do. when you have a bad game you move on and look forward to the next one and makes you that much more determined. the difference between this and sports is that the stakes are so high. >> cenk: so, i look at that and i get encouraged. at the same time, the president in his speaking style and also in his debating style and he
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beat john mccain soundly so fair is fair. but he's not an overly aggressive guy. >> on that one mccain beat himself. there was a condescending tone during that debate. and against hillary clinton there was not a clear winner. he's not the earth's best debater. >> cenk: i hear you on that. before we let you go, real quick, how is this effecting if at all the senate and congressional races? how are the democrats doing at this point. >> it's tough to say. one of the interesting one is massachusetts where elizabeth warren has opened up her lead over scott brown. but the president in massachusetts has lost a few points as he has everywhere in the polling that has come out. the other senate races there are people running for senate who are counting on some of obama's coattail shelly berkeley in nevada is one of them.
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the president won't have coattails in montana. but claire mccatskill had this todd akin opening, and if the president holds her back a little bit that's problematic. that has not changed the face of many of the big races. sheerod brown tim cain may have to worry but we're being conjecturists here and i just invented that word. >> cenk: it's heartening to hear that elizabeth warren is doing better. thanks. >> thanks. >> cenk: paul ryan's opponent is going to be on the show. >> paul ryan, his controversial budget for america has been called dangerous cruel, and deeply wrong. >> cenk: there is some chance it's not joe biden. it's congressional opponent and we'll have him debate ryan's clips. later in the program things are going to get a little physical in a democratic debate.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now paul ryan is not just running against vice president joe biden. he's still running in his congressional seat back at home. you would think well, one of the leaders in the republican party he's not going to have a difficult time, you might want to think again. he's running against rob zurban, and rob is outraising him. ron has $770,000, and ryan has 5667$566 million. now ryan will have free media ron, this is one of the things i want to do to play you clips from the debate last night and
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have you debate paul ryan and give me the answers you would have given him. okay? >> okay. >> cenk: first here's comes congressman ryan. >> what we're saying is lower tax rates across the board and close loopholes primarily to the high end people. we have three bottom lines. don't raise the deficit. don't raise taxes on the middle class and don't raise the share born by the high-income earnings earnings. >> cenk: how do you respond. >> this is the bush administration all over again the doubling down on the trickle-down economics of the bush administration that we know doesn't work. let's move forward with a responsible budget like one that does not kill medicare like congressman ryan has offered. let's move forward with a progressive budget that calls for tax cuts. let's not have irresponsible programs that just benefit big
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pharma like you voted for congressman. these are policies that we can't afford. we need to find someone in congress who will fight for the people and not corporations. >> cenk: let me follow up on that. with you cut defense spending, and would you consider cuts to social security or medicare as part of the grand bargain? >> i support a strong national defense but not a bloated defense department. there are savings we can find there. i would never support cuts to any of the safety nets medicare, medicaid, social security. my opponent privatizing under president bush. >> after my mom dad my mom and i got social security survivor that helped me to go to college
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and helped my mom to go to college. she paid her taxes on the promise that these programs would be there for her. we'll honor those programs. the best way to do it is to reform it for my generation. if you reform it for those 54 and below they will not change for those at or near retirement, which is exactly what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> cenk: your response to that. >> we know what he means by reform. let's not have cost of living adjustments, we need to remove the cap on social security and that makes the program solvent for generations as well. that's an easy fix. my opponent just doesn't want to practice common sense. he wants to make sure that those reforms that he's talking about would be privatizing social security and gambling your retirement security. >> cenk: rob, now that we've done this exercise, is paul ryan going to debate you?
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>> i doubt he's going to come back to the district and debate the issues before the constituents. with him coming back and doing $1,000 plate under razors for tommy thompson coming up monday, and then being back in the district not long ago he should be able to make the time to answer these questions that the constituents have why he authors this destructive budget. >> cenk: all right, rob zebon. thank you for coming on "the young turks." which appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: when we come back, speaking of fighting, wait until you get a load of this one. she fought against the bush administration. she fought against the obama administration. she's looking out for homeowners and she's on the program to to tell you that that's not either administration cared about or had in mind. >> i don't think it was a priority for tim geithner. >> they thought it was messy, it was hard.
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>> what was the priority then? >> the big banks. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> cenk: sheila bear was the chair of the fdic. her job was to protect your money, american money put into banks. that's why the bush and obama administrations have had problems with her. she's not a team player. that's when you know she's doing the right thing. here are her comments about tim geithner as treasury director. >> give more americans a chance to keep their homes if they can afford to do that. >> i thought president obama and mr. mccain had both been out there advocating for very aggressive foreclosure prevention release. instead they came up with a very tepid program one that we told them was not workable. >> cenk: she also said this. he seemed to view his job as
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protecting citigroup from me when he should have been worried about protecting the taxpayers from citi. hard to argue with that. sheila bayer has written a book "bull by the horns." and she joins us right now on the young turks. sheila, thank you so much for coming on the program. >> thanks for having me. >> cenk: list start with the bush administration. what do you think is the primary thing that they did wrong in those bailouts. >> the whole philosophy, the whole objective was to stabilize the constitution and get them profitable again with the assumption that this help the broader economy. it just didn't work out that way. the reason why they were having problems was because of the mortgages defaulting. we weren't fixing the core problem. tarp was supposed to help troubled asset release. when congress voted for it, they
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thought they were voting for a program that would help prevent unnecessary foreclosures. what we ended up doing was a capital investment program. in 2008 i could understand because we were in a crisis situation. but even going into 2009 when the system was stable we never did much to help homeowners and kept bailing out the big banks. >> cenk: i can understand it if the treasury secretary was a former chairman of the goldman sachs. >> i don't ascribe to that. i think it's their world-view and perspective. but when i participated in the 2008 program it was my understanding we were going to have a very aggressive foreclosure prevention program. the bush administration never launched it. again they were still focused on the big banks. unfortunately when the obama people came in the focus remained on the big banks.
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>> cenk: so when president obama came in and he had promised change and obviously campaigned as a progressive etc. when did you know things might be going awry? >> well, when it was announced that tim was going to be the new treasury secretary. that was a real shock to me. i thought we were going to have a change in policy and perspective, and tim had been the regulator responsible for a lot of these big new york institutions that had gotten in trouble, and he was a strong advocate for bailout and people were angel about it. that was an alarming sign to me. i suggested paul volker. i didn't get very far with that, and i apologized to paul if i compromised his chances. that was my signal. when we talked to mr. summers about the foreclosure prevention program, i thought we were going to be doing a dramatic program one that we would spend real money and put real money on the
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table to get these mortgaged restructured. instead they took a plan that had been drawn up by a bush economist in the treasury department that we advised against, and he did not pursue it. which we thought it was a very small amount of money. the economic incentives were not substantial enough. it was horribly administratively complex, but that's what they ended up doing. >> cenk: there is a quote in here how the system is skewed to the banks. when the system started to crash around us, the party line was a safe saturday and other mismanaged banks. fixing the root of the problem the mortgages were just too hard. we could write big checks to help dead beat financial institutions but we count count spend money on homeowners, that was too terrible. why is it controversial to help homeowners but not controversial to help dead beat banks. >> i don't know.
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we still hear that. we can only help people who are current on their mortgage. we don't want to create moral hazard and help people who are delinquent on the mortgages. the delinquency that is causing a problem. i'm all for helping people for lowering their payments but we have distressed mortgages that are still not being dealt with effectively. that's hard. it was very easy to write large checks to big banks. >> cenk: so i got to ask you the hardest question of all, which is we've got real prerogatives across the country whether it's eliot spitzer myself, i mean, you name a progressive and they say fire tim geithner. yet the president won't do it. he picked him, and by almost all accounts it's his favorite guy in the administration. >> right. >> cenk: we got to ask the question why? why are these guys who claim to be progressives still want to help the banks and not do much for the hope homeowners.
4:50 pm
>> i don't know. i think part of it is that washington is intimidated by the big banks. the issues are very complex. it's the kinds of things that experts have to deal with. i think people are intimidated by them. mr. obama, he'll have a clean slate in the next term to bring in fresh perspective, to bring in people who are independent of the industry. i'm not anti-industry. whether we like it or not we need wall street. we need banks but we need someone who is independent of them and work for our broader economic interest and not confuse their interest with our interest. >> cenk: you know there is no chance. >> i want to put the heat on both candidates to tell me what kind of people they're going to appoint. one of the recommendations in my book is to appoint people who will commit to end the revolving door and never work for the city that they regulate. people say they want to break up the banks now. it would be refreshing if we
4:51 pm
could get that type of commitment. >> cenk: i would love that but here are the two guys who have been mentioned. john thein who wasser ran merrill lynch and jamie dimon was mentioned quite often as replacement for tim geithner who now runs jpmorgan. >> i would be astonished and probably move to canada if people with those close of ties to wall street were nominated. that's not to say that they don't have their redeeming attributions. they certainly have their weaknesses but they would not be people independent of wall street and have that perspective perspective. >> cenk: who should it be? >> there are a lot of folks. jack reed or bill bradley current and former senator who i think understand markets and would be very independent. i like chuck hagel on the republican side. looking for former senators would be good. i think people of stature who will be independent who can work with the hill.
4:52 pm
our fiscal problems really need to be a focus of the treasury secretary going forward. folks who will be independent and proven track records of independence and be willing to take on these interests and not cater to them. >> cenk: all right sheila bair, thank you for coming on "the young turks." i hope they listen to her. >> thanks. >> cenk: when we come back, almost the literal elbow of the day. we'll show you what happened. people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: we have a couple of more notes from the debate last night. first, people noticed that paul ryan was awfully thirsty throughout the debate. i don't know if it was his way of man i need to go to my corner here and recoupe. so we counted the number of times he went for the water. watch. >> from the reagan years. >> take action military taylor. >> the last resort. >> the idea of evidence of cronyism. by the way vice presidential debate i hear this stuff. >> that's a few seconds really. coins to again. >> cenk: yes, i'm surprised he didn't have to go to the bathroom in the middle of that. anyway, martha raddatz, of
4:56 pm
course, i thought did a really good job. she was tough and aggressive on both sides. but there was a couple of things that i didn't like. i didn't like her framing of social security and medicare where she said they were going to be bankrupt. that's simply not true. one other note was her question about the tone of the campaign. this is pretty standard stuff. you get it in every debate. i'm a little tired of it but here watch. >> at the end of the day are you ever embarrassed by the tone. >> cenk: well, you know, look, you got to show the good sides of your campaign and the bad sides of the other campaign. i hate that when they try to get everybody to quiet down and be polite to each other. no, people have to know the upsides and down sides of the candidates. can you take it too far? absolutely. that's what happened when representative howard berman and brad sherman. two democrats going up against each other in this election. brad sherman got way too physical here in this debate, watch.
4:57 pm
[ cheering and booing ] >> cenk: man, at first he was kidding, you know, they had been colleagues for a long time. he grabbed him around the shoulder. but then he got in his face, as you saw there and said, do you want to get into this? brad, bring it down. howard berman is 71 years old. you saw the sheriff came back there. i thought for a second that he was going to put berman in the middle of the ring. oh no, sherman don't do it, what are you crazy? that's a fellow democratic who is 71 years old. it's not time to bring out the sherman tanks. putting kidding aside. i don't condone that. that was a dumb idea and he's walking it back now.
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